Hotel Soggiorni per matrimoni : Bellissima location tra le piĆ¹ belle per matrimoni a Taranto per i vostri ricevimenti di nozze


Villaggio San Giovanni, Hotel, Restaurant, Meeting Facilities is a structure for receptions and weddings.
It is located in the "heel" of the boot geographical Italian, Puglia,a few minutes from the golden beaches of the "Mar Ionio" in the Gulf of Taranto.
The coast of the Ionian Sea, in the province of Taranto, is 140 km long, from Ginosa Marina, the border with Basilicata to San Pietro in Bevagna and Torre Colimena in the territory of Manduria.
Puglia is a composite landscape of enchanted corners and poetry. A land rich in history and traditions.
Hilly horizon with amazing sunsets, endless expanses of olive trees
A wonderful sea of infinite and transparent blue as the sky.
Puglia has over 700 kilometers of coastline.

Art, history and culture :

Baroque, Itria Valley with Trulli, Frederick II, the castles, the amazing "Grotte di Castellana", "i muri a secco", "le Masserie", "le Gravine".
Religious sites, San Giovanni Rotondo, San Pio, about 2 hours drive from the Villaggio San Giovanni.


Many opportunities to experience different emotions and discover these fascinating places.
L 'Hotel of the Village Saint John, in the province of Taranto, ensures you an unforgettable stay.
Villaggio San Giovanni is a great place for your wedding.
We suggest a gallery of ideas and images for your trips. Wonderful places and unique
interesting for the history, art, cuisine and for your beach holiday.




Sea and beaches


Marina di Pulsano, spiaggie : Montedarena, lo Scoglio, le Canne, Lido Silvana ( distance : 13 Km from Villaggio San Giovanni )


The beaches, Marina di Pulsano, are located just minutes from the village San Giovanni.

Beautiful beaches of soft golden sand, characterized by small bays with dense Mediterranean vegetation.
The sea is magnificent, turquoise, crystal clear and transparent.

Pranzo Menu di nozze : ristorante per ricevimenti a Taranto, dove organizzare i vostri ricevimenti di nozze in Puglia


Mare e Spiaggia di sabbia fine

Hotel Ristorante Taranto

Sabbia fine a Taranto

Spiagge e Mare Taranto

Mare pulito Taranto

Taranto : the sea One of the many bays Fine sand Macchia mediterranea Blue sea


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Places of historical and artistic interest


Taranto ( distance : 7 Km from Villaggio San Giovanni )


A seaside city with a glorious past. The city of the two seas was the capital of Magna Graecia.
Tarentum, founded by a colony of Greeks in 706 a.C. Taras was named as the greek mythological hero, became one of the most important cities of Magna Graecia full of temples and wonders of the world ancient greek.
The remains of the ancient city are located in the Archaeological Museum, here are a wide range of terracotta pieces, Greek and Roman ceramics and jewelry of gold, priceless, like the famous "Ori di Taranto."
Taranto is divided between the Mar Grande and Mar Piccolo island, hence the name of the city of the two seas.
On the island, we find the Cathedral, the oldest Romanesque church of Puglia and the Aragonese Castle, and the Doric column.
The island, the old town is connected to the city by the famous historic "ponte girevole".
You should also visit the Cathedral of St. Cataldo and ogival portal of S. Domenico.
Taranto is known for the ceremonies of Holy Week, the procession of Our Lady of Sorrows and the Mysteries.
Through the city, slowly, in prayer, without any break.


Ponte Girevole - TARANTO

Taranto Ponte Girevole


Castello Aragonese - TARANTO

Taranto : The Castle

Pranzo Menu di nozze : ristorante per ricevimenti a Taranto, dove organizzare i vostri ricevimenti di nozze in Puglia


Grottaglie ( distance : 12 Km from Villaggio San Giovanni )


Grottaglie is one of the capitals of ceramic. Ceramics quarter, very impressive.
Countless famous workshops of potters, skilled craftsmen of ancient craft.

From Villaggio San Giovanni, Grottaglie can be reached in less than 10 minutes.


Grottaglie Ceramica


ITINERARI : Hotel, Ristorante per matrimoni, cerimonie, battesimi, ricevimenti, banchetti, comunioni


Oria ( distance : 28 Km from Villaggio San Giovanni )


A beautiful town with an old town, with the Basilica and the majestic Castello Svevo'' of Emperor Frederick II, dating from the thirteenth century, rich in history, tapestries and medieval weapons. A real return to the Middle Ages.

Oria : Il Castello

Oria : The Castle

Viaggi di Nozze Puglia : Castelli e dimore storiche, Location Speciali per Ricevimento Puglia, Hotel per matrimoni Puglia


Martina Franca ( distance : 36 Km from Villaggio San Giovanni )


Elegant medieval town 35 km from Villaggio San Giovanni, just a few minutes via "Ponte Punta Penna".
And 'one of the destinations recommended and preferred.
Martina Franca is located at 431 above sea level, situated on a hill in the south-east Murgia. It 's the queen of the enchanting Itria Valley, with the typical and famous Trulli.
The main attraction of the city is the historic center, which is important for Baroque art, with its narrow streets, alleys white palaces and monumental churches.


Martina Franca

Martina Franca

ITINERARI Taranto : Ristorante Sala Ricevimenti, Hotel a Taranto, Soggiorni hotel, lunghi soggiorni Taranto


Ostuni ( distance : 40 Km from Villaggio San Giovanni )


Ostuni is known as the White City.
It owes its fame to the quaint old town, made ​​up of old buildings made of natural stone coated with white lime. Its origins date from the seventh century a.C.
It 'also known for its beautiful sea, on the Adriatic coast.
We recommend visiting the Cathedral and Piazza Sant'Oronzo Baroque and do not forget ... the "fischietti" !!


Ostuni : la città Bianca

Ostuni : la città Bianca

Ristoranti per matrimoni ricevimenti e cerimonie, Ristorante Sala Ricevimenti per la provincia di Bari Brindisi Foggia Lecce Taranto


Locorotondo ( distance : 42 Km from Villaggio San Giovanni )


Locorotondo: an enchanting place about 40 km from Villaggio San Giovanni. A short distance from Martina Franca.
Standing on top of a hill, close to the hills of the area of Bari.
It has a rounded shape as the name suggests, derived from the morphology of the ancient town born in the year one thousand.
You can enjoy a spectacular view of the Valley Itria with its Trulli.
Ask for more information at reception at Villaggio San Giovanni.




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Alberobello ( distance : 51 Km from Villaggio San Giovanni )


The capital of the Trulli, 40 kilometers from the Villaggio San Giovanni.
It is built on two hills, formerly divided by a river.
On the eastern hill is the new city with modern architectural features, on the other side willing to west, there are the "Trulli", in an urban area divided into districts: Monti and Aia Piccola, both national monuments since December 1996 and recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

TRULLI: Ancient and particular lodgings conical, in a surreal landscape and fantastic. They are beautiful things in a truly breathtaking panorama.




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Grotte di Castellana ( distance : 64 Km from Villaggio San Giovanni )


They are one of the most beautiful places of the Italian territory.
They are the largest natural site of Italian caves explored by man, created by the erosion of an underground river.
3 km of caverns and caves that are enriched with calcite formations, and created a series of stalactites and stalagmites, giving rise to similar formations in bizarre statues and original.
Tip: to visit!


Grotte di Castellana

Grotte di Castellana

Ricevimento hotel Taranto, Location ricevimenti Taranto, Festa di Laurea Taranto, Agriturismi per matrimoni Puglia


Metaponto ( distance : 74 Km from Villaggio San Giovanni )


Founded in the mid-seventh century a.C. by Greeks from Acaia, became one of the most important colonies of Magna Graecia.
The Archaeological Park includes four temples:
the oldest, dedicated to Athena, founded in the early sixth century. a.C., the temples of Apollo and Hera made in 570 a.C.,
(all in Doric style); around 470 a.C. was built the monumental Ionic temple dedicated to Aphrodite.
The city is surrounded by an imposing town walls dating back to the sixth century a.C., remodeled in the fourth century a.C. and characterized by a series of monumental entrances.




Sala Ricevimenti provincia di Taranto, Ristoranti per matrimoni a Taranto, Sala per Cerimonie, Comunioni, Battesimi, festa di Laurea


I Sassi di Matera ( distance : 87 Km from Villaggio San Giovanni )


Were included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 1993. The inscription was motivated by the fact that they represent a unique urban ecosystem,
able to perpetuate the farthest prehistoric past, the ways of living of the caves to modern times.
The Sassi of Matera are an outstanding example of careful use in time of natural resources: water, land and energy.


Matera : i Sassi

Matera : i Sassi

Hotel Ricevimenti, Ristoranti Matrimoni Taranto, Sale Ricevimenti, Feste, idee originali per il matrimonio in Puglia


Otranto ( distance : 115 Km from Villaggio San Giovanni )


Otranto, with its fabulous historic center of medieval character is a fascinating city.
The most important religious building is the Romanesque Cathedral built in the Norman period, between 1080 and 1088, with its 54 meters long and 25 meters wide.
The oldest parts are made by the mosaic floor and the crypt (XI century).


OTRANTO - Cripta Cattedrale

Otranto : Cryipt

Ville per Matrimoni Taranto, Sale per matrimoni Taranto, Ristoranti e ville matrimonio in provincia di Taranto


Grotta Zinzulusa ( distance : 129 Km from Villaggio San Giovanni )


The cave Zinzulusa has a length of about 150 meters. It has a long staircase leading to the entrance.
Very impressive. Has considerable biological interest environment.


Grotta Zinzulusa

Consigli : Organizzazione matrimonio Taranto, Hotel a Taranto, Ristoranti per matrimonio e cerimonie in Puglia


Castel del Monte ( distance : 151 Km from Villaggio San Giovanni )


Castel del Monte was built around 1240 by order of Frederick II.
The castle is among the most famous in Italy for the singularity of its architectural structure and its interiors. It has an octagonal base enclosed by solid octagonal towers, an elegant oriental garden and an interior of refined Gothic style. 



Castel del Monte

Location per matrimoni : Regalati un matrimonio da sogno al Villaggio San Giovanni, il tuo ricevimento nozze in provincia di Taranto


Canne della Battaglia ( distance : 173 Km from Villaggio San Giovanni )


"Canne" was an ancient city of Apulia, which stood 54 meters above sea level on a hill located on the right bank of the Ofanto, a few kilometers from the sea. E known for the famous "Battle of Canne".
Today , you can find archaeological remains of great interest.


Canne della Battaglia

Canne della Battaglia

Soggiorni e Matrimoni : Per il ricevimento del tuo matrimonio ambienta le tue nozze al Villaggio San Giovanni in provincia di Taranto



Entertainment and relaxation


Selva di Fasano, ZOO SAFARI / FANTASILANDIA / DELFINARIO ( distance : 49 Km from Villaggio San Giovanni )
Fantasilandia FASANO

il Delfinario

La Selva di Fasano is a landscape of rolling hills with a height of 400 meters, surrounded by woods, houses and vegetation.
It houses the famous and unique Safari Zoo (wild animals), with near "Fantasilandia" amusement park, where families and children can spend a fun day unrepeatable, and having fun with games and entertainment. Inside the park you will find the fantastic Dolphinarium.
To visit !!


Wild animals

Villaggio San Giovanni : Ristorante e sale banchetti per ricevimenti di nozze, Taranto e provincia di Taranto



Religious places


San Giovanni Rotondo - Churc of San Pio ( distance : 259 Km from Villaggio San Giovanni )


San Giovanni Rotondo is a town in the province of Foggia in Puglia, famous in the world to house the remains of St. Pio of Pietrelcina (Padre Pio), Capuchin friar lived a long time in the town.
The church of Padre Pio, or Saint Pio Shrine was designed by Italian architect Renzo Piano and welcomes thousands of pilgrims every day. With its 6000 square meters can hold 7000 people and is one of the largest churches in Italy.
The church was inaugurated on 1 July 2004.



San Pio

Soggiorno in Hotel in provincia di Taranto con l'atmosfera e l'eleganza di una location d'eccezione : il Villaggio San Giovanni



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